Go take a hike! Gladly! The idea of a hike conjures images of grassy trails, kaleidoscope skies, noises that excite and scents that only exist outdoors. To be in the midst of the rhythms of outdoor life forms is to connect to these rhythms embedded in our own souls. The same solar and lunar cues that regulate our outdoor  neighbors are also required by us. We need the rising sun melting into our eyes to signal the start of a new and wonderful day. We need the warmth of mid day sun to remind us that the day is never stopping and productivity is success. The sounds of the birds and insects trilling and buzzing non stop are the background noise to our day.

Modern life can restrict our access to the great outdoors . However, it is necessary to stay connected to Mother Earth. Our sanity and sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves is at stake. Hiking outdoors is an important tool in building the structure of our lives. It allows us to immerse in the fluid, exquisite and complicated weave of all life.

Hiking is great exercise for our physical bodies. It uses all major muscle groups. It washes our bodies with endorphins. Hiking is an all-over body toner. I have hiked all of my life and it is one activity that I can not live without.  I have made all major life decisions while hiking. I was hiking when I decided it was the absolute right time to have a baby, when it was time to end my marriage, the validity of decisions regarding my children and endless life forming choices.

Hiking is a blissful relationship of mind centering exercise and physical improvement. It allows me to notice Nature and my responsibility towards it. We humans have a unique position to the Earth. We are able to understand that all life is connected. We have the privilege  of understanding we can enjoy  the sensory symphony of the outdoors and affect the health of the planet in a positive way. The robins building a nest in the apple tree at the edge of my garden are very aware of the intricacies of their world but I doubt they are discussing permaculture practices or recycling. My chickens are providing organic pest control by munching on the bugs invading my tomato plants – but they just know they are having lunch.

Humans are lucky that we appreciate our world and also have the ability to lovingly care for it. Let’s get out and go for a hike. It will give us the opportunity to appreciate our wonderful planet Earth.



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