Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

Oh, the possibilities the idea of a BREAKTHROUGH produces! That feeling of dropping cumbersome chains of thought and action that hold us down. The emotion that stirs in us when we envision leaving disappointing and unfulfilling spaces for the unlimited sky above us. a writer this is something I dream about. Lifting the gauzy, muddled and mixed thoughts that can detour my train of thought. Focusing my attention down a direct tunnel to my breakthrough. Like the Sun punching through the morning clouds to reveal a fresh 24 hours, I focus as if I am the radiant offspring of Solar Energy herself.

Everyday I clean my mental junk drawer until I can see just the items I really need. Everyday I appreciate what I have rather than what I don’t have. It’s a quandary, isn’t it? We need life experience to understand life. It’s like — you can’t get credit until you have credit. You don’t know how to be a parent until you actually become a parent. Almost seems kinda dangerous, doesn’t it? We are allowed to become parents before we are fully formed adults.We haven’t written our story yet and we are entrusted to raise and influence a blank slate.

Looking back, I can see everything fell into place right where it needed to be. I can see my breakthroughs of the past. Sometimes, I definitely knew I was having a major breakthrough, like deciding it was time to have a baby or the day I stopped drinking. Others, came in the back door, like when my 3 grand daughters came to live with me. I thought 3 little girls under the age of 3 happily charging into my life was enough. However, it was just the beginning of a major breakthrough. The appearance of these souls into my daily life started a new journey of self discovery that has brought me to this very place.

It turns out, this place is where I had dreamed of inhabiting a long time ago. But , like many others, I allowed outside influences (i.e. parents) to detour my dreams. I allowed others to tell me what my life should look like. Many life lessons later… I have kept driving on the detour but eventually I did arrive at my destination.

I could not have made it to this place without many breakthroughs. I look forward to many more. Remember, a breakthrough can come in many forms and you may not even recognize it, at first. But, just like the Sun keeps rising each day to breakthrough the clouds, so we can break through any cloud that gets in our way. A new day is always waiting.


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