It probably doesn’t surprise the readers that have been smitten with their canine companions that I chose to use a picture of one of my favorite companions as a way to  express today’s Daily Prompt. Let’s be honest… one of the reasons we love our dogs is because they unconditionally love us. What better form of flattery than to bestow great slobbering and  joyous rivers of love on someone? How fantastic is it to come home everyday, I mean e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y, without fail, to a loving soul that only wants to be loved and to love us? I admit it, my dogs make me feel good. They love me and they make me feel worthy of love. Their flattery touches me in a most primal way.

My dogs will never slip their wedding ring off so they can slink around behind my back and then smile at my face as if they have done nothing wrong. My dogs will never blame me for their mistakes. My dogs will not make me feel less worthy just because they decided their life isn’t going the way they planned. My dogs will not fire me because I didn’t “kiss up” enough. My dogs will not deny my loan application because my credit score isn’t high enough.

The most beautiful aspect of a dog’s flattery is the sincerity. My dog companions love me … just because. I never worry they are flattering me because they will ask a favor of me down the road. I don’t worry they flatter me in order to distract me from their own transgressions. I don’t worry that my dogs will flatter me and then laugh about it when I walk away. My dogs let me know everyday how much they love me and just how fantastic they think I am. And they ask nothing in return. Oh, they want me to love them back and to feed and shelter them. If I stopped caring for them, they would be confused and sad, but they would not blame me. They would wait for me. And they would love me just as much when I returned.

A dog’s love is a beautiful form of flattery. It is pure and free of gotchas. Every day, I think about how my dogs view the world and their place in it. They do not know there is a whole big world they know nothing about. Their entire world is right here, right now. They live for today and do not regret yesterday or worry about tomorrow. What a fantastic way to approach life!

So, the next time you are flattered or flatter another, look for the sincerity. Keep it pure and real. Remember the gentle loving face of your canine companion and their seemingly naive sincerity. It isn’t naive… it’s pure and unfettered by human conflicts.

In this time of racial conflicts, political rants, environmental concerns and social media burnout, let’s try to remember sincere flattery. Let’s tell someone, “good job”, “you are beautiful”, and “I love you” … just because… it’s the right thing to do.


One thought on “Flattery

  1. I may never understand the love between dogs and humans yet, but I like dogs as a companion to most people.
    You are right that about sincerity in flattery. I don’t like people false my flattering others.


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