It seems many of our lives most significant moments are spent waiting. As kids we joyously anticipate our birthdays; as teenagers we nervously wait for THE phonecall;adults wait for job offers and marriage proposals.

Important  events can not be rushed and the anticipation is part of the joy. I remind my children as they eagerly wait for Christmas that Christmas morning goes by quickly so enjoy the process of waiting. Enjoy the individual moments that combine to create one beautiful memory.

Waiting is an integral part of life. Humans had to wait for just the right conditions to plant crops that would nourish their family. Birds wait for the exact moment they need to migrate. Trees wait for diminishing light to start shedding their leaves.Waiting is intrinsic to the continuation of life.

Waiting can be stressful. It can be nerve-wracking and debilitating. I can not imagine the heartache in a parent’s heart that is waiting to hear from a missing child.  The waiting we experience while in the Waiting Room while a loved one is in surgery can add gray hair overnight. It is inevitable and unavoidable.

We have 2 choices for dealing with waiting. We can curse and fight with the idea of waiting or we can accept it as a part of life. I will publish this post and wait for a response from the Universe. I will envision readers perusing my words and feeling a connection. I will use my waiting to uplift my vision for the day.

I hope you can use your waiting to uplift your day. Waiting is coming;be ready for it.


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