Temporary Life

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

The baby bird in this photo has no idea about the life it was born to live. All this little bird knows is that mom needs to bring some more food. It knows it is hungry and it is demanding immediate attention. His cry for attention helps to insure his very survival. The parent hears the calls for attention and this assures her that he is healthy and worth her time and effort. If he was too weak to cry then she would devote her attention to the other nestlings. The parent is driven to create more of her kind. She knows she only has a limited amount of time to get her babies ready for the winter migration.  She cares for her offspring  – not out of sentimentality,  but out of necessity. She does not have the energy or time to care for a baby that is sickly. She must get as many healthy babies out into the world as she can. This is how she does her part to keep life moving forward. This part of her life is only temporary, but absolutely necessary.  As an observer into her world, I know that this part of her life cycle is temporary. She won’t always be tethered to her little ones. She will fly away and next summer she will return. She will have a new family to raise. She will have many adventures in between her different families. I can see this and I am comforted by the continuity of life. However, this mother birds does not know this. She only knows what is happening today. She hears the urgent cries of her babies and is driven to care for them. She will devote her life to raise her children. I know this part of her life is temporary but she does not know this.

As we move through our human lives, we also have temporary situations to deal with. When we reflect on our past, we can clearly see how we moved through difficult times. We look back at temporary predicaments. The problem is.. we couldn’t see they were just temporary while we were living them. Just like that mother bird who focuses all of her time and energy on her temporary family life, we can become mucked down in the sludge of a temporary situation. If only, we could see beyond the rainy days and the hard times and know that the sun will shine again. If only, we could know this day is just temporary. We have to fight through every day to get to the next one.

Good times can be temporary also. Like young love, that ooey-gooey , everything you do is charming , phase.  That feeling eventually fades or else we would burn out…quickly. Hopefully though, it transcends into a deeper more meaningful love. If it turns out that the relationship was only temporary, well then we move on to a new relationship. Just like that mother bird who will start a new family next summer, we will move on to start a new relationship. If only we could see into the future and feel hopeful for ourselves.

Temporary. The seasons, the clock, our lives, the lives of our children… all temporary.

The moral of this story? Don’t get too bogged down by the events of one day or one situation. It is only temporary. Take a cue from Mother Nature. Life is a cycle. There will be good times and bad times. Neither lasts forever. Do your best for today. Live your best Today because Today is only temporary. There will be a Tomorrow.


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