Nature’s Infinite Wisdom and Order

Nature has a plan.

If we can just step back and allow the natural order of life to play out… oh but it is so hard! We humans have so many good ideas. We have abilities and powers that no other creature can realize. Sometimes, it gives us a sense of entitlement. Sometimes, we think we always know best. And because we have all this power – we want to use it.

All in the name of progress and free enterprise, right? 

I am an advocate of organic farming and cruelty-free options in consumer goods.

Did you know that rabbit’s Angora fur is ripped out of living, breathing and screaming rabbits? They are thrown back in their cages and 3 months later, after their fur has grown back, it is ripped out by the roots again. It is horrifying to think about. The Universe did not intend for humans to exploit and terrorize other creatures.

There is a natural order.

Humans have the intelligence and , I believe, the ethical responsibility to help the very planet that gives us life.

We can help maintain order.



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